Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lithro, Light Field Camera, Focus Free Digital Camera That Brings Point And Shoot To Point And Shoot!

I have had my share of cameras, from Medium format manual camera to Latest Canon DSLR wonder. But Many a times I have sighed because of the focus, or contrast or my inability to take proper photos.

But the news of Litro, a light field camera, a brain child of Dr. Ren Ng, is putting a large smile on my face and those photo blues are vanishing like bay area fog fronted by sun.
Basically the Litro allows you to Point and shoot. Once that is done, you can focus on any area of the photo!
There is no other way to explain but play with the simulation provided by Litro! Click on any where on the photo below to focus. See more examples by following the link after the jump!

This is more than Great, I am waiting for the camera!

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Hafizuddin Bukhari said...

Wow! Great technology.I'm agog for LYTRO LIGHT FIELD CAMERA since many of my taken pics r blurred most often & I have to take many backup shots for a perfect finish image.
Tremendous work done,my heartiest congratulaions to all the people involved in this project.Good work guys.