Friday, August 26, 2011

Brother Announces AiRScouter, Its See-Through Head-Mounted Display (Video)

Brother has announced that it is bringing out AiRScouter, a head-mounted and transparent transmissive liquid crystal display. When worn, the device creates the impression of a 16-inch screen that’s about one meter away from user’s eyes.

Brother Industries Ltd. (President: Toshikazu Koike, hereinafter BIL) has announced the commercialization of its "AiRScouter" see-through type head-mounted display.

Brother has already secured an agreement with NEC Corporation (President: Nobuhiro Endo, hereinafter NEC), which will adopt the product as the display for its own business-use wearable computer "Tele Scouter®". And from this autumn Brother Sales, Ltd. (President: Shunsuke Katayama, hereinafter Brother Sales), a subsidiary of BIL will start the shipment of AiRScouter to NEC.

Brother Sales will also start its own sales activities focusing on companies specializing in systems development or architecture and aim to expand the sales for industrial use including assembly support in the factory.

AiRScouter is a head-mounted, see-through type display that allows images from computers and smartphones to be viewed by the wearer. Images appear as if they were in front of the user. The technology includes a high-definition liquid crystal panel, with mirror reflected light making the image visible, as if they were shown on the translucent display.

Head Mounted

  • Users can use both hands whilst viewing the image. They do not need to move or change their eye directions to get sources they want to see.
    Therefore, operational efficiency is improved.


  • Users can see an transparent image without impacting the field of view.
    Therefore, it improves certainty of operation and ensures security.

Letters are clearly viewed in full color

  • The size of the image viewed by a user is the same as one viewing a 16 inch full color display at a distance of 1m.
    It is possible to read down to 12-point font with AiRscouter and suitable to read instruction manuals.

Small size and light weight

  • AiRScouter is compact and the display weighs approximately 64g. By using titanium as a material of frames the overall weight including the display, glass, frames and cables is approximately 106g.

Low power consumption

  • Electricity consumption of AiRScouter is about 1/20 of one consumed by a standard 16 inch LED display. Therefore, AiRScouter contributes to the reduction of environmental burdens.


  • Users can wear AiRScouter with a helmet or cap.
  • When combined with a camera, headset and communication system, it can facilitate operational support from a remote place.
  • Frames for people who wear glasses are provided.
  • Users can adjust the focus point from approximately 30cm to 10m, using an adjustable dial attached on the display.
  • Users can adjust the display to the best position using a position adjustable system which slides the display from side to side and up and down.

From above feature, BIL foresees potential needs on AiRScouter at various different worksites, such as product assembly, products and parts picking, and maintenance and repair, where operators need to read instructions as they work.

The Brother Group will focus on developing and expanding the new business under its Mid-Term Business Strategy "CS B2015".


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