Friday, August 19, 2011

MSN Hulu Using SuperCookies To Track You (How To Remove Included)

While ago MyAdlets showed you how to remove supercookies using flash to track you and now there are two more reasons for you to check your computers, be it PC, MAC or Linux.
It was revealed that Microsoft's MSN and Video site HULU has been tracking users using SuperCookies.
These hard to remove supercookies are used to monitor the info of those who visit these sites and can provide significantly more information than standard cookies. For instance, they can suck up your entire browser history.
Microsoft has said they did not know why the supercookies were used (yes we believe you M$) and has removed the code once informed.
Hulu which used Kissmetrics code to create their superCookies, say that they are investigating the matter. Perhaps while they are investigating, you can find other video sites.
You can use MyAdlets link above to remove and block flash SuperCookies.
If you are a Firefox user, you can use Betterprivasy extension to protect against SuperCookies. Also CCleaner can remove SuperCookies from Windows Computers. Mac users have

Via Gizmodo

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