Friday, September 30, 2011

Apple Vs Samsung, Vs S3 Graphics, Vs Motorola Updates.

FOSS patents ahve put together a nice summaries about the on going patent wars between Apple and three rivals, Motorola, S3 Graphics, Samsung.
There seem to be strange developments in Australia in Apple VS Samsung case with matters I do not understand. But Samsung seem to be looking for settlement, at least for now. In the USA, Samsung is getting some support from Verizon and T-Mobile. iPhone 5 does not seem to make much difference, looks like. I like to see what APple has against those very attractive Android phones from Sharp, Panasonic and Dell that Softbank, the Japanese iPhone seller, is bringing out.
In Florida, the court denied Apple's request to stay the Apple vs Motorola Mobility case. Apple wanted to wait till Motorola Mobility was acquired by Google. Apple has a similar request in Wisconsin.
In the case of S3 Graphics vs Apple, there is a new twist. ATI is telling that it is the rightfull owner of the patents that S3 is using against Apple! Strange!
Read about all these at FOSS Patents.

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