Friday, September 09, 2011

ITC To Review S3 Graphics VS Apple! Will HTC Have A lever Here?

ITC, United Stated International Trade Commission has issued a notice of a Commission determination to review the initial determination made investigating S3 Graphics' patent infringement complaint against Apple by a Administrative Law Judge.
While the investigation, initial determination found some of the claims to be valid and some not now it is back to the point one as the commission has decided to review the case in it's entirety and either party could gain.
If S3 Graphics, gain, HTC which is in the process of acquiring S3 Graphics will have some leverage against Apple in it's Android patent case, even though S3 Graphics case is only involved in Macintosh computers, not iOS devices.
According to FOSS Patents, depending on the outcome, it could benefit HTC but nothing is clear cut as there are pathways for Apple to by pass the infringements, if there are any.
ITC (PDF) via FOSS Patents

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