Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Be cool as James Bond and have FBI in your pocket

News Source Businesswire

US Modular Announces Stainless Steel Look for All Mini Hard Drives; A New Clean and Sleek Look Gives Monstor and Dragon Drives a Makeover. Wired Magazine's Gadget Lab reviewed the FBiDrive.

US Modular (, a designer and manufacturer of personal memory and storage products, today announced a new look for the company's award-winning line of mini drives. All of the Monstor and Dragon Drives, with storage space ranging from two to 120 gigs of storage, will now ship in the high-tech sleek look of stainless steel.

The FBiDrive is a portable security product manufactured by Newport Scientific Research, LLC of Newport Beach, CA.The review by Nicole Lee, written in the column's traditional tongue and cheek fashion, highlights the product's secured storage, web password manager, and advanced biometric fingerprint sensor which she prefers "to one that can be fooled by Gummy Bear copies of my prints."

The FBiDrive sensor is not susceptible to being fooled by copies of fingerprint images or gels such as "Gummy Bears" which have consistently defeated other sensor technologies such as the less expensive optical scanners.

Lee comments about the FBiDrive unit reviewed, "With a name like FBi, I expected this 2-Gbyte USB flash drive to be as secure as Fort Knox. It comes close." The portable storage on the USB 2.0 unit varies with models ranging from 128 Megabytes to 4 Gigabytes.

"As a bonus, it held my web logins and passwords," commented Lee regarding the FBiDrive's onboard software featuring an encrypted password storage and bookmark utility which makes logging into web sites as easy as a click and a fingerprint.

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