Monday, November 07, 2005

No Sony Gadgets, Gizmo's or anything related to Sony on this site!

Image curtsey of this site
I will sell or give away the old Sony p-1 camera that Sony refuses to fix without me handing over $175 (How stupid are you Sony? I can get a new camera for that price).
AIBO I have to keep since it was one of the original 10000 AIBO's released. (I might scrape Sony from it, Don't worry Sony, I do not need your tech support!)
Anyway the reason for Sony boycott is not my camera, Much more serious case, Window OS expert Mark Russinovich revealed and Please read it as it is very important that you know what Sony is up to. There is a second discussion/posting by him after Sony released the shoddy fix!, if you can call it that! More on Sony: Dangerous Decloaking Patch, EULAs and Phoning Home.
Anyway Sony is not only the producer of electronic goods, I will go else where. The sad thing is,
My last notebook was Sony, (Hello Toshiba)
My TV is Sony (Hello Hitachi)
My two audiophile systems are Sony (Hello anybody)
My AIBO is Sony
My digital Camera is Sony (old by now)(Hello Cannon)
My PS2 is of course Sony! Original Japanese release.(Hello XBOX 360!)
And I have a Sony computer monitor. (hello Hitachi)
I gave gifts that were Sony.
I was a Sony man, never recommended anything but Sony to my friends or associates, who were looking for similar goods. Well it is over.
I will make sure that everything I get has no Sony in it, and will not forget what it did.
I have a good excuse now to get new stuff! ;)

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