Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Californians (lawyers) Hit back Sony!

Sorry about skipping on gadgets and continuing on the Sony DRM Saga.(previous posts Sony Saga1, Sony Saga 2). I just read here that California class action lawsuit has been filled on behalf of the California consumers. A second, lawsuit is expected to be filed against Sony in a New York court on Wednesday.
This is regarding the rootkit installed by some 20 odd Music CD's released by SONY/BMG.
CA Lawsuit requests to prohibit any further sales of CD's with rootkit and of course monitory damages. Thank you Sony, another lawyer get rich (if he wins), at consumers expense.
Scott Kamber, an attorney in New York, aims to file the new York suit today.

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone out there know how to get this Sony rootkit off my computer. It is causing a virus which is blocking my computer from reading my D and E drives. Also who do I write to to become part of the California class action suit? Any advice, e-mail me, Philip L. Gangi at Thanks!