Saturday, November 12, 2005

Get your wireless gadgets ready, If you are in Mountain View, California USA.

AFP news via Yahoo!
Google is offering free wifi internet access to all 70,000 residents of its headquarter's hometown, Mountain View, CA.
Google's proposal to "unwire the city" will be considered by the Mountain View city council on Tuesday, according to Ellis Berns, manager of economic development in the town where Google has its headquarters.

"Right now, we can't see a downside," Berns told AFP. "It seems like a pretty positive deal for the city."

Berns said his staff studied Google's offer and will recommend it be accepted by city council members. If the deal is accepted, Google will turn all of Mountain View into an Internet "hot spot" by June 2006, Ellis said.
"It is kind of a test for Google," Berns said. "It gives them a chance to check it out, test the market, and it gives the city free wireless."

Under the terms of the deal, the basic wireless internet access would be free, but Google could charge users fees for premium services.

For its part, Mountain View can make similar deals with other companies interested in providing wireless services.

If Google decides to stop providing the service, the contract gives Mountain View the option of buying the system and running it themselves, Berns said.

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