Monday, November 14, 2005

Hand Cranked Notebook!

Although this is not that new news! I was reading, "One Laptop Per Child - a Preview of the Hundred Dollar Laptop" by Ethan Zuckerman made me revisit the path I visited a few months ago.

We may look into the aesthetics, weight, battery life and CPU power when we want a new notebook, The audience that these computers are targeted, just want a computer so they can compute. Computer has become, to us (most of us!), a device that we have to have. We send /read our emails, run grid applications, or solve a simple financial or mathematical problem. We no longer grab a notebook(paper) and pencil, volumes of encyclopedias when we have to do some research.
We open browser to google, open up our Word processor and cut and paste our paper.
Now I am going to cut and paste some things from Ethan's site but I urge you to read the article. It gives you an in depth view in to this gadget, OLPC, One Computer Per Child. A spark of thinking by Nicholas Negroponte. Ethen personally knows Nicholas and so the article and the chain of connected articles, gives you a heart warming but in depth technical information.
Thanks Ethan, Thanks Nicholas! This trip down the Al Gore's road made me think and concider Geekcorps!!


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wayan said...

Do consider Geekcorps. We rock!