Sunday, November 13, 2005

It seems I can't stop writing about this Sony DRM Saga!

I thought, I could go look for gadgets and gizmos to replace all the Sony stuff I have, and may be share the comparisons that I make available on this site. But now I have to write about this DRM again.
Again as many a experts warned, virus writes and mulware writers have their gadgets out and riding on the Sony protection. Read more about it here.
Remember the article geemodo: Sony rootkit survival kit, What? Here I go again., yes the same source, Freedom to tinker, has another article, describing another version of similar DRM protection from Sony.
This time it is from company called Suncomm. Apparently FTT (freedom to tinker) has been writing about this in 2003.
So if you have Any Sony CD's throw them away. Get yours from other source. Check the label before you buy.
As I said I am replacing My Sony Stuff. I don't play music on my computer because I prefer the big sound from a proper sound source. For portable music, I will use IPOD.
My Advice is to have a good firewall, I use Zonealarm. And a network firewall, I have one too since I have a few computers here.
Anyway these morons are relying on ignorance of people to do these type of work. I think we should thank all these people like mark, ftt and many others who brought this to light. Today if you look, you will see major media carrying the news, I will write about my first Sony replacement soon.

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