Thursday, November 10, 2005

MP3 Set LOOs

n : a toilet in England
You got MP3's in your computer to listen while working!!!, in your IPOD to listen on the go. On CD's to play in the car. But did you have them in your LOO!
Now you can!
A japanese company Toto has released one Last week, Toto introduced their "N5A," the latest addition to their "Apricot" line of toilet seatswith integrated "bidets." A bit of a cultural note here --"washlet" is actually a brand name of Toto's, which began with their "Washlet G Series" in 1980. A "washlet" is a toilet seat with an integrated bidet. For those of you who have never had exposure to such a device, a bidet is a small nozzle that squirts water to "where it needs to be," for cleaning purposes after you've gone about your business on the toilet.

That brings us to the N5A, which is Toto's latest and the greatest. Packaged with the seat + washlet unit is the "Sound Rimocon," a wall-mounted remote control that offers various buttons for controlling all of the N5A's functions. Toto has integrated an SD card slot in the Sound Rimocon, and it supports the playback of the MP3 format. If that doesn't float your boat, there are 16 classical/healing tracks pre-loaded on the Sound Rimocon,including four original tracks by Toto.

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