Monday, November 07, 2005

Raptor on your desk?

Roboraptor is a stunning example of biomorphic wizardry from the people who created Robosapien. Just over two foot long, he relies on five motors to move about and avoid obstacles: touch sensors, (on his chin, back, tail, and in his mouth), infrared, (on his head and snout), and stereo audio sensors, (in his head), mean that he's capable of inspecting and reacting to his immediate environment. He will do this whether he's in autonomous or remote control mode.
A shift button on the front of the remote gives you a second level of control, putting Roboraptor into different 'moods', including 'Cautious', 'Playful', and 'Hunting'. Each of his 'moods' bring out a different element of his personality and functionality – for instance, if you touch his chin sensor when he's in a 'Playful' mood, he makes a gruff, purring, sound and pushes against your hand. Friendly dinosaur!

Roboraptor responds remarkably fast to remote control and external stimuli - virtually any motion in front of him causes a quick jerk of the head, a sniff, and, if necessary, evasive action. The remote also includes an infrared guidance system and Roboraptor will follow this beam when you shine it in front of him, (up to one foot away)! His sonic sensors produce similar reactions - snap your fingers beside him and he will cock his head in the direction of the sound.

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