Saturday, November 12, 2005

Sometimes Answers comes as soon as you ask them! Microsoft responds to Sony rootkit.

My post geemodo: Sony Stops production of rootkit CD's, I asked what Microsoft is doing about this.
Well I read this article, Microsoft Zapping Sony DRM 'Rootkit' which brought answer to my questions.
Microsoft Corp. will start deleting the rootkit component of the controversial DRM scheme used by Sony BMG Music Entertainment.
The software giant's Windows AntiSpyware application will be updated to add a detection and removal signature for the rootkit features used in the XCP digital rights management technology.

According to Jason Garms, group product manager in Microsoft's Anti-Malware Technology Team, the rootkit removal signature will be pushed out at Windows users through the anti-spyware application's weekly signature update process.

Detection and removal of the XCP rootkit will also appear in Windows Defender, the next version of Windows AntiSpyware when that makeover ships.

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