Friday, November 04, 2005

Want a BlackBox for your car?

Are you thinking about giving your car to your teenagers? Or that bad cop gave you a ticket for speedng while travelling at 20MPH? (I don't know how the law works or if this information is admissible as evidence!)

The RS-1000 "black box" monitors vehicle speed, throttle position, G-forces caused by aggressive driving and sound level. Optional components available soon will include a GPS Satellite Receiver for precise vehicle map location reports, and a Cellular Communications Module for real-time vehicle location and reporting available via our internet server.

Simply plug the RS-1000 "black box" into your 1996 or newer vehicle’s data link connector (generally located under the driver's side dashboard) with the supplied Data Link Cable. Easy-to-follow detailed instructions are included. For 1995 and older vehicles, the RS-1000 will need to be hard-wire installed by a qualified automotive technician.

Data from the RS-1000 “black box” can be reviewed by removing the Processor/Memory card from the "black box" in the vehicle and downloading it with our Base Station software running on your PC computer. In the Base Station, you can view the reports and graphs using our advanced data analysis software. Once the GPS option is available, you will even be able to view detailed maps showing where the vehicle traveled and where any unsafe driving events occurred.

Package Contents:
• RS-1000A On-Board Computer
• Processor/Memory Card
• Vehicle Data Link (DLC) Cable
• USB Download Cable
• Software CD & Manual

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