Thursday, August 03, 2006

Is your life tied to Gadgets and gizmos?

I can't live without IT!
To some IT is a cellphone, to some IT means every gadget! But I think I can do without most of my gadgets! Ha!! Leave that notebook alone. Cell phone, Yes I never answer it anyway unless I know the caller. I never listen to my voice mail, I just erase them! So I use it when I have to call!
Anyway, the story goes like this;
Having the newest technological gadget is important to a large majority of people in Saudi Arabia (87 percent), Romania (65 percent) and India (60 percent). And across all countries, 45 percent of respondents say that the could not live without their mobile phones, particularly Saudis (68 percent) and Thais (61 percent). Laptops are considered the next most indispensable piece of technology across the sample (9 percent), followed by plasma/LCD TVs (8 percent). Not surprisingly, respondents under the age of 35 are most attached to these and other electronic devices such as DVD or MP3 players and TiVo systems.

To get these data, Synovate surveyed 5,500 respondents in Canada, China, France, Hungary, India, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Taiwan and Thailand, asking about their attitudes toward the latest technological devices.

Sony is cited by most respondents as the brand that leaps to mind when one thinks of cutting-edge technology, leading other manufacturers by a wide margin across all age ranges. Samsung and LG are the second most recognized brands amongst respondents under age 35, while Philips is more frequently associated with high technology by those above 35.
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