Thursday, August 10, 2006

Microsoft promotes Firefox! By driving WGA screws!!

WGA is hard to remove! It is getting tighter!! Remember the article Geemodo: removeWGA released, well according to this article forget about tools, WGA is built into Vista and you can not avoid it, so far!!
But I went ahead and read the original article and a little light bulb flashed! May be M$ will promote FIREFOX by doing this WGA thing. According to the article,
"""We built a set of features and a set of functionality that is only available to genuine Windows customers," Johnson said. "Windows Defender, for example, the anti-spyware for Windows XP and Windows Vista, is available to genuine Windows customers. Windows Media Player 11.0, Internet Explorer 7.0, will be available for download for Windows XP customers who are genuine, and of course those are built into Windows Vista. Future updates to Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player for Windows Vista will require them to be genuine. And certainly there's some premium features built into the Windows Vista operating system that will require genuine validation as well. So we're really trying to amplify the fact that being genuine enables the set of benefits and value to access these types of features and capabilities."""
Well I never depended on Windows Defender, Media Player! I rarely use it and IExplorer ? I have a IE tab for those sites that depend on IE. Anyway the best part is that when people are pressed to find a solution to problems, they tend to let go the status quo and may be these people will find that FireFox is a better solution.
Now that gridtech: Apple Opens up (kernel) and we see no Worm! and better Linux desktops are mushrooming, only Vista M$ might see is the rear of the users running away!

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