Monday, August 14, 2006

Murky clouds of Spyware over movieland! Gets sued by Washington State

I was reading about movie gadgets and then movieland came up. When I was searching about this, I came up to this article by Suzi Turner at ZDnet. When there are any spyware stuff, I usually check what she has written. Although it is not the latest gizmo, It is a good read since most gizmo and gadget aficionados will fall pray to sites like this. Not only they have hijacked users desk tops but an innocent open source software project named Mediapipe.
I went ahead and followed links provided by her and my own searches. Came to a conclusion that I should post this article, even though I have seen culprits lawyers leaving messages on websites.
It is official now! They have been taken to court by Washington State Attorney General McKenna. I think this why;
You will find more info on forums people trying to remove the software installed by Movieland. You should be careful about sites like these. Here are some sure shot info on them; Reports;
We find that MediaPipe is badware because it does not fully disclose what it is installing, does not completely remove all components and "obligations" during the uninstall process, and modifies other software without disclosure.

We currently recommend that users do not install the version of MediaPipe that we tested, unless the user is comfortable with the level of risk we identify or until the application is updated consistent with the recommendations in this report. Read the full report and more here.

Counter Spy reports here;
Advice Type Remove
Description MediaPipe/MovieLand is an online content access program that badgers using into paying for the application if they do not cancel the "trial" within a certain time period.

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