Friday, August 18, 2006

Patches enters Microsoft Vista's View or ET TU Vista?

While Microsoft has touted Windows Vista as its most secure client operating system yet, (They said the same thing with Windows 98, Windows XP and other server releases too!) the unfinished product is already getting regular security fixes. May be M$ is keeping to it's traditions. I have Vista on a partition and have not logged in for two days, previous updates were only for malware updates.
Anyway M$ is again at the butt end just like after the black hat intro of the Vista.

Two of the seven "critical" Windows updates that Microsoft delivered on Aug. 8 affect Vista, Heaton wrote. These are MS06-042, for Internet Explorer, and MS06-051, which addresses a flaw in the Windows kernel.
Vista is not affected by the Windows flaw that is getting most of the attention among the Patch Tuesday bulletins. That flaw, MS06-040, affects file and printer sharing and has already been exploited in low-risk worm attacks.
But there is a hotfix for the MS06-040 already. Get it if your program uses more that 1GB of memory on 2003 server, which is almost every server program nowadays.
Here is the M$ alert;
"Programs that request lots of contiguous memory may fail after you install security update 921883 (MS06-040) on a Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1-based computer or a Windows XP Professional x64 Edition-based computer"
I have two Oracle servers and I am wondering to uninstall the patch or to install the hotfix!

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