Thursday, September 14, 2006

Zune is out and comes with a Music service, like itunes.

Previously posted article Geemodo: Where what and why Zune, is bringing more news,

Microsoft this morning officially unveiled Zune, its entry in the portable digital music and entertainment market dominated by Apple Computer's iPod and iTunes.

The Zune, manufactured by Japanese electronics maker Toshiba Corp, will come with a 3-inch (7.6 centimetre) liquid crystal display screen and wireless connectivity that allows users to send, receive photos, songs and albums with nearby players, Microsoft said.

"The digital music entertainment revolution is just beginning," J Allard, who is leading the Zune effort at Microsoft, said in a statement. "With Zune, we are not simply delivering a portable device, we are introducing a new platform that helps bring artists closer to their audiences and helps people find new music and develop new social connections."

By the holidays, Microsoft expects to have a 30-gigabyte digital media player available in black, brown or white with FM tuner, wireless connection and 3-inch screen. A complementary music service, Zune Marketplace, is billed as "the foundation for an online community that will enable music fans to discover new music."

The wireless connectivity will allow users to share full-length songs, play lists, pictures and other content from device to device. Users will be able to listen to a shared song for up to three times over three days.

But will that be enough to take on Steve Jobs and company? Time will tell, but most bloggers aren't optimistic.

The iPod holds more than half of the digital media player market, according to research company NPD, while iTunes accounts for over 70 percent of U.S. digital music sales. In the United States, the iPod has more than 75 percent of the digital music player market, according to NPD.

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