Friday, November 17, 2006

Is Fleck flaking? No Dashnote needs tweaking!

My previous post I wrote about Fleck;

Geemodo: Fleck is alive and you can leave flecks on any webpage

Which due to too many hits, began to run out of connections yesterday, I got such notices myself, thats is why I went to look at Dashnote.

But again I noticed a comment on Pete's blog by Ranjit telling us about Dashnote. I did go to the site and registered my self. It seems a decent enough product but my feeling is it needs improvement. Fleck furthers itself by providing slick interface compared to the Dashnote. Also Dashnote and Ranjit, You do need to make noise in cases like these! Now you are just another fleck. Just follow Microsoft, release what you got and fix whatever makes biggest noise.

I am in the process of (mainly procrastinating) cooking up some ideas in the same line and may be catch you guys later to embed dashnote into my idea, I don't have money to pay Fleck!

Here is the snippet by Ranjit on Pete's Article.

"As it happens, we’ve built something like this at DashNote. We’re a bit coy about making a lot of noise about this since rough edges remain (which will be cleared up in a few days), but it may be worth taking a look. Some key differentiators:

1. You can annotate specific content on the page (text, images, or image regions for things such as photo-tagging)
2. We preserve the notes and the original page (annotations and context)
3. Positional data is also maintained though there are some issues when comments are placed in IE and viewed in Firefox and vice-versa.


Fleck blog about running out of connections!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking out DashNote.

Clearly the UI is not as slick as Fleck - they've done an excellent job with the site and the launch party theme was very clever.

Our trajectory with DashNote is a bit different, and it's great to see the interest and activity in the Web Annotation space - a rising tide lifts all boats.

Responding to the "noise" suggestion...

Patrick de Laive said...

HI Again,

I checked out dashnote... Thanks for the tip.
No further comment :)

ravenII said...

Hello Ranjit,
I like your idea, it is just I had to say how I felt. But no means to say your product is inferior. As I said, I an using it, both, yours and fleck! Best with your product, it is something needed in the web space.

Anonymous said...

No worries - I did not assume any negative judgment on your part.

However, I'll be the first to admit that DashNote is not quite there yet... but we are working on it 8-).