Tuesday, November 28, 2006

XandroOS 4.0 out Before Vista

XandrOS running MS Office APPlications.

Linux vendor Xandros Inc. today unveiled its latest Xandros Desktop Professional Version 4 of its enterprise Linux operating system, which debuts two days before Microsoft Corp. launches the enterprise version of Windows Vista.

Xandros Desktop Professional 4, which retails for $99.99 and is available in a boxed version or as a download, includes Bluetooth wireless support, desktop search, ISV support and advanced 3D desktop graphics effects. The new OS maintains what Xandros said is seamless compatibility with Windows, Linux and Unix networks, including Windows domain authentication -- plus support for logon scripts, group policy profiles and Microsoft Exchange.

Xandros CEO Andreas Typaldos said in a statement that Linux continues "to make inroads in the enterprise as Windows replacements," meaning companies must figure out how to manage disparate systems in mixed Windows and Linux networks. "Today, most companies utilize a silo-based approach by managing Windows and various Linux versions separately, each with their own administrators and tool sets."

Some features;
Create, open and edit MS Office files with Openoffice.org. Run important Windows applications including MS Office.
Xandros reinforces the already secure Linux platform with the Xandros Security Suite. The included firewall, anti-virus, file-system protector and Xandros Networks update alert ensures that your Xandros Desktop has the best and most current protection.
Authenticate to Windows PDC and Active Directory Domains. Connect to wired and wireless networks. Use PPTP VPN to connect remotely to the office. Broadband wireless connectivity with 3G, GSM and UMTS support.

So if you are worried about Vista's WGA, OGA, Vista EULA here is one way to have Happy Feet.

Geemodo: WGA, OGA, Vista EULA and Happy Feet

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