Friday, December 22, 2006

Sony pays up for rootkit saga, but it is a pittance

Today California / Texas and 39 other states have settled with Sony BMG for including a rootkit with their music CDs. I wrote a lot about this last year, one of the articles;
Geemodo: Sony DRM ROOTKIT, Suncomm, EFF new removal tool, yet the consumer problems don't go away.
The website created to pay the settlement says Sony did not collect any personal information, they only collected CD ID, Track ID and IP ADDRESS! If IP address is not personal information, or that it leads to your personal information, I don't know what it is. I think lawyers should get all the court records on this case. If SONY can say IP Address is not personal information, when MPAA and RIAA comes calling with IP address to point to you in the court, bring out the amo. Courts will not be able to accept the evidence both the ways for music industry. I think I will post on Groklaw about this piece.
Every user whose computer was damaged with the rootkit, will receive upto $175.00 for all the troubles user went through.Most likely it is $7.50! and some songs. Looks like they getting off for a song. I do not know how the court access the damage value for each user but Sony BMG must have really good lawyers.
Some news reports say that you need to have documented report in order get the settlement payment. The documented evidence seems to be using SONY tools to remove the rootkit! HAHA, it did not completely remove the rootkit or it left some information behind, if I recall the saga right.
Anyway you need to visit the special website created to make your claim. Follow the links provided below. To make it difficult as possible the site is a mess. So follow the links as described and may be you will be able to recover your damages.

Notice to class members with a list of CDs.
Go here to file a claim

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