Monday, December 25, 2006

Vista is at your door step but potentially serious flaws are already inside says experts.

Most ridicules statement I read from M$ in a while came out due these experts findings. And when New York Times get in to reporting Vista flaws, wall street might read too. Although I have been writing about Vista for while. I still say go get your happy feet, from penguins. It means Linux if you did not know. Anyway back to the news. The statement is;
“While I know this is a vulnerability that impacts Windows Vista, I still have every confidence that Windows Vista is our most secure platform to date.” said Mike Reavey, operations manager of the Microsoft Security Response Center.
I do not know where to turn with these stupid statements. I thought I could not write but it seems these managers even can't talk. It is like saying "Oh don't worry, buy this car, we have some troubles with the engine but this is the fastest car we ever built! see it even got tires."
I think when M$ means by security, is securing itself. WGA, OGA and Vista EULA is in place and I guess they are working, as far as M$ is concerned. From what I read not the users.
You can read more at the New York Times and my scribbles below.

Vista flaws detected.
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