Friday, March 30, 2007

Google secures and may rescues M$ with new Google Pack

Google secures and may rescues M$ with new Google Pack.
I was looking for add ons for my ever groving Google stuff! I noticed the new add ons that increase the value of the Google Pack. Google Pack now sports two new packages, Symantec's Norton Security Scan, which detects and removes viruses, and PC Tools' Spyware Doctor Starter Edition, a top-rated anti-spyware utility.
And once your computer is clean and secure, you can start Photo casting with new Screen saver.

In the past when ever I had to help out a person in trouble, I had to scour the web for tools to help me clear up the mess they have created. Now I have the Google pack in one of my flash drives that I constantly fill/upgrade with rescue tools.
Symantec is not one of my favorite tools for virus removal, due to my personal reasons. But I have seen other people and my clients very happy with the product. Spyware Doctor Starter edition is also not my tool of the trade for removing and protecting from Spyware and malware. But again I have seen happy users that smile when they see the name!. see below for my choices.

I think this one of the best tool box, Google Pack, that any user can benefit without having to run to multiple sources to collect and keep their PC's up to date. There is a link on your right to grab the Google Pack.

The tools I use, are Avast Home edition for Virus protection. It also provides multiple shields, that I will have to write a complete article on it. By the way it is free for home or personal use.

For Spyware, I use Spybot search & destroy, or Spybot S&D, a supereb tool that I have used for many a years on my personal computers.

But it is not a easy job to keep your computer clean. Constant attention and time is needed. But I am proud to say I have had no Virus or Spyware trouble that I could not manage. For the record;
Virus attacks, fell victim 2 times in my whole computer life. (It is pretty long, my computer life, that might show how old I am. Let's say Apple II was the first computer that my parents gave me). But I have helped a bunch of people in trouble and a tool like Google pack will certainly come in handy.
The links give a statement by Google pack's Product Manager,Jesse Savage. And of course a link to download Google pack. You can also click on the Google Pack button on the right (PSSST, it gets me some Google money).

Google Pack cures the PC blues

Google pack

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