Monday, June 25, 2007

Google Apps introduces easy email migration service

I have been using Google Apps for a while now. I use them to enhance and aid me in covering most my needs, like scheduler(calendar), spreadsheet, and of course email.
I do not have the enterprise service but I do plan to upgrade my standard service soon. Which is used exclusively by my little startup which just started kicking it's limbs.
We rely on most of Google services to accomplish our goals. I am able to use my notebook for all my work and I do not have to be tethered to a chair and desk. And that is my best mode of operation.
Just do not think that only tiny startups that move their services to Google Apps! According to an article on Google blog Official Google Blog: A smooth Apps move, Central Piedmont Community College, replaced its old email system for 30,000 users in just 3 weeks. And that process came down to 3 million emails flying from their server over to ours in just 24 hours -- more than 2,000 emails per minute, all without missing a beat.

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