Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sony Rootkit Saga continues!

If you thought Sony Rootkit (Geemodo: Sony pays up for rootkit saga, but it is a pittance) saga is over, you are wrong! Now this time, we even get to laugh a little.
Sony BMG is suing the Amergence (formerly SunnComm) that sold it spyware-based DRM for its music CDs. The DRM company made a piece of spyware called MediaMax that infected your computer even if you declined its license "agreement." The program spied on your music listening habits, installed itself in a way calculated to make it hard to uninstall, and phoned home with information about your computer. An uninstaller the company eventually released didn't really uninstall the software, but did create security vulnerabilities on your PC. It was a whole lot of trouble for Sony. I have not bought a single Sony product since them.
I got the first Aibo, the first Paly station, the play station 2 from Japan and numerous entertainment products and Cameras. But not any more. I have not got PS3.

I got the information from Hollywood reporter via BoingBoing.

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