Friday, November 18, 2005

Get BEYOND your lame TV, Beyond TV 4 is out!

This one gadget all the guys and Girls with a multimedia PC and a receiver card need to look into. It a Gizmo to have, a part of anyone's gadget collection. And something you will enjoy, from Snapstream past products. I promise it not to be myth, TV. You will get much more than that in your familiar windows platform. I myself is a Linux fan but I will give credit where credit is due.
With all the goodies of beyond TV get ready for Three new big ticket items with Beyond TV 4, FM Radio support, DivX support, and HDTV! This is what they have to say about HDTV portion of the product,ItÂ’s six times the picture quality, two and a half times the audio channels with Dolby surround sound, and countless new camera angles.
A select group of beta users have already started putting HD support through the paces at home and have really helped us create an HD PVR product that everyone can use. So a shout out to them and a big thanks for all of their early feedback. In my opinion, the coolest thing is that with Beyond TVÂ’s built-in multiple tuner and multiple lineup support, I can simply add a digital tuner to my existing setup. I will still get all my analog content and be able to surf through all of my digital and analog stations in one seamlessly integrated program guide.
The product has been tested with free to Air cards such as;
VBox DTA 151 and USB-A 3560
Fusion HDTV 3
Learn more at their site, follow these links
* Beyond TV 4, coming to a website near you
* New HDTV PVR products bundled with Beyond TV
* Everything about HD - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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