Saturday, November 19, 2005

OK! Wrap up your Sony CDs, You can send them Back!

VICTORY! As Mark said, Sony and it's music arm Sony-BMG has posted that customers could send their CD's back.
These are the CD's with now famous SONY DRM SAGA, We reported this here as soon as Mark polished his report. I got most of my information from Marks site and Brian Krebs site.
Brian was reporting when other mainstream media were hesitating.
Anyway the News is out as it was intended to be and I hope Sony learned a lesson at the same time teaching a lesson to other similar minded evil empires.
Back to Sony CD retturns, Sony BMG’s site now includes a prominent link on its front page, “INFORMATION ON XCP CONTENT PROTECTION,” that takes visitors to a page with a statement from Sony that declares its concern over the security issues raised by its software. The first paragraph points out that Sony licensed the software from First 4 Internet, which while true, does not hold Sony any less responsible for its use of the software or the contents of the End User License Agreement (EULA).
Both Mark and Brian's sites have Descriptive reports and I am directing you over to those sites rather than rewriting the same thing.
My first post, geemodo: No Sony Gadgets, Gizmo's or anything related to Sony on this site!

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