Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sony get your Blues Music and start playing, Dark Clouds are Circling you!

If computer security researcher Dan Kaminsky, is right and assuming all the cases are here in USA, Texas has about 7.6% of the US population And Dan's number is 560000 cases. So at $100000 a case sony might have to pay about 4 billion dollars. This is in addition to the lawyer and court fees. Add that to California, New York and EFF cases.
Well Sony, and other RIAA members and RIAA, don't feel bad, you make about $10 per CD, after paying the artists! So if you can go after grandmothers with $3000 stick, I will be laughing when sentence is delivered. Don't worry about me either, I don't download your music. In fact I buy my music, currently I have over 250 CDs. The music I buy is what I love. But lately I don't love music. I hope you,RIAA, understand what you are doing to music industry. I will stick to my gadgets and Gizmos. And I will listen to my old CDs. I have not bought a new CD in about two years now. I get my music now in second hand store, if I have to have a CD.

"Sony has engaged in a technological version of cloak and dagger deceit against consumers by hiding secret files on their computers," says Greg Abbott, the attorney general for Texas, and he is following through with a law suite, alleging that its controversial (and now recalled) "XCP" anti-piracy software violates the state's anti-spyware and consumer protection laws. You can read the press release here.Abbott's suit seeks civil penalties of $100,000 for each violation of the law, attorneys'’ fees and investigative costs.
Brian Kerbs at Security Fix has spoken to Abbott, today and has records about EFF and possible Massachusetts case. Read about better estimates on the fines on his site.
My other hero over at Freedom to Tinker is explaining about the copyright violations that Sony has done while trying to protect it's Digital Rights. Sony has used open source software to construct parts of this software. Read Matti Nikkiaccountt that explains thedissectionn of root kit. I don'tbelievee Sony when it say it is innocent, According to Matti, The project has been developed in a directory called "XCP Player Code\Sony ActiveX Player\XCPPlayerControl\". Sebastian Porst has also uncovered another bunch of violations. I am getting really sick of you Sony!
Please read Ed Felten's article to fully understand the extend of violations. He nicely mentions how mainstream media do not see this to be part of the case. Mainstream media did not see any beforeuntill they could not ignore.Forbess, do you still think blogs are junk factories?

Groklaw, the site covering the SCO/IBM and other items such as patents, have started a section devoted to Sony DRM/rootkit saga. All the legal documents will be filed and preserved!

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