Monday, August 14, 2006

FIOS New multiroom DVR!

Put an end to the days of DVR remote tug of war with our new Multi-Room DVR. It features all the same cool controls as your standard DVR, only with more flexibility because it allows you to watch a recorded show in one room while someone else uses the same DVR in another room. Forget the cost and hassle of having multiple DVRs throughout the house! To top it all off, access to the Media Manager is included so you can play your favorite music and watch photo slide shows from your PC to your TV. Let your DVR rock the house!

The Multi-Room DVR is:

* Simple - Eliminates the need for multiple DVRs throughout the house
* Flexible - Pause a program in one room, continue viewing in another
* Convenient - Watch recorded shows on multiple TVs throughout your home
The launch of Home Media DVR follows the June 1 introduction of FiOS TV
Widgets, a free interactive feature that lets subscribers display
text-based local weather and traffic information on their TV screens. More
information about both services is available here.

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