Tuesday, August 01, 2006

While Zune battles iPOD, VeriZon fights with LG VX8500 (LG-KG800)

All the news about the battle of pods, iPOD and Zune was filling many a gadget web pages little while ago. Even our site, GEEMODO reported on the same.
Enter the LG-KG800, in to the scene!
verizon has decided to eliminated $15 monthly charge to down load music via it's V CAST VPak. Surely to attract customers to this new and exciting product (gadget) and service. Songs cost as little as $0.99 if purchased from the PC or $1.99 if purchased and downloaded over the air onto a V CAST Music phone. May be it is better if Verizon matches PC price for the songs on chocolate, $1.99 is not a song! But if you are wiser, you would download music to your PC for $0.99 and move to a MicroSD card. So don't forget to buy an adapter if your PC or notebook does not have one. Most of PC gizmos do these days. Mine does.
Now customers can leave all the MP3 players behind and only carry the phone, provided that you are on the Verizon circuit and willing to sign off your phone freedom for two years. Also do not forget that you need to pay $149.99 after a $50 instant online discount.
The phone, affectionately known as chocolate, features a 1.3MP camera with 2x digital zoom and self-timer, color TFT with 240x320 pixels, integrated speaker, video player, mp3 ring tones and microSD card slot with capacities up to 2GB.
This is Verizon's best music-phone so far. You can listen to music via stereo Bluetooth, a must have gadget to go with the phone. It has a roomy 68 MB of on-board memory, in addition to MicroSD memory cards up to 2 GB. Now the hooray!! Finally it can play both WMA and MP3 files natively in Verizon's V CAST Music player. You can put music on the phone by transferring to a MicroSD card, or syncing it via USB cable with Windows PC.

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