Sunday, November 11, 2007

Google Sued Over search Technology.

Reuters reports that Google, the search giant, is being sued by Jarg Corp and Northwestern University. But if you dig deep, it looks like Jarg is the head, as the Chief Technical Architect and Co-Founder, Professor Ken Baclawski is the inventor of the said patented method for indexing the qualitative context of information. I have not seen the case yet but it will be interesting to see!.
I have known the Google project when it was at Stanford and I was dealing with a competitor "Hotbot" at that time, now a part of Lycos.
The complaint was filed on November 6 in Marshall, in the Eastern District of Texas (Clue lawyers ready take on your patent in the the U.S. court with a history of decisions that are highly favorable to plaintiffs in patent cases) but the case has only come to light over this weekend.
But I like the statement from Michael Belanger, president and co-founder of Jarg, who said in a phone interview that his company had become aware of the infringement several years ago, but lacked the resources to press its case until it found a law firm willing to fund the case on a contingency-fee basis then they signed on.
Reuters article Google sued over patent by Northeastern University

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