Thursday, November 01, 2007

Under all the noise, gPC Arrives in Wallmart from Google and Everex.

When we were all looking and searching for gPhone and OpenSocial API, which is harder to find than the gSpot, (VoIP IP Telephony suggested gSpot will be the store name that will sell Google Phone, gPhone) has released gPC, to Wallmart.
The venture is an effort between Everex (Ha! I thought they were dead and gone eons ago) and Google and perhaps Ubuntu, gOS(h!) the operating system shipped with the gPC is variant of Ubuntu desktop. gOS is accompanied by OpenOffice, GIMP photo software, the Xing DVD and video player, and Rhythmbox music management software already installed. In addition Google applications such as Documents and Spreadsheets, Calendar, News, and Maps are on the desktop. Also pre-installed is the Firefox web browser, Meebo IM, and Skype.
The "Linux for Masses" initiative by Google, OSS community and Everex has done a real good job of staying G,
Good OS or Google OS
Green as the processor, 1.5GHz Via C7-D processor, Via UniChrome Pro IGP graphics core, are very low power consumption compared to most Intel and AMD chips.
Why did not the designers look at things like Mac Mini before developing this PC? all those good things explained are stuffed into a 80s looking PC Box.
It is available at Wallmart, and the details are at Everex. I will replace my old pentium III home test server with this, which has been running for last 5-6 years.
If you are a developer, this is the place to go.

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