Tuesday, November 27, 2007

XP Service Pack 3, May be Microsoft should repackage XP and sell it as Windows XP NT (New Technology)

After seeing that research staff, who calls themselves, exo.blog did multiple tests with Vista, and office suite and XP and same office suite.
Their first test showed all these but was rebuked by Vista followers for using 1GB of memory. So they did the same test, again with 2GB of memory. Not much of a change. If you were wondering what the benchmark test was, the testers gave following information.
"The script makes use of a variety of common application functions, including:

1. Formatting/scrolling, copy/paste, search/replace and print preview/printing (Word)

2. Scrolling/selecting and chart generation/printing (Excel)

3. Creation/formatting/slide style application, sorting and printing (PowerPoint).

The script also makes use of IE to simulate access to an online knowledge base-type site. At the end of the script you have a completed document, supporting spreadsheet and slide show suitable for conducting an internal meeting or similar business case scenario.

Note: You can learn a lot more about OfficeBench by simply downloading. It's part of the DMS Clarity Studio testing framework and is available for free through our web site: www.xpnet.com
So Microsoft, how about that Windows XP NT?

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